We design and fabricate

injections molds and tools


The present staff was selected over many years what allows us to maintain the highest quality.

ISO 9001:2001

confirms the fulfillment of the integrated management system standard. The certificate fulfils the Customer’s expectations, assures the punctual service in range of the regulations.

ISO 14001:2004

confirms that our company have a minimal influence on the environment pollution and is environmentally compatible.

Overhaul of machines and unites repairs


Our clients

  • firma Philip Morris
  • firma Silgan
  • firma Coca-cola
  • firma Delphi
  • firma Man
  • firma Valeo

ul. Krakowska 74, 32-089 Wielka Wieś k/Krakowa


+48 12 419 00 50, +48 12 419 16 24, fax. +48 12 419 17 17

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